Agus Hotel Resort and Spa

The Mini Bar

Pool Cave

The swimming pool is big but I like the children’s pool where children’s are just safe to play with themelves. In that big pool, they have a what I call a mini cave in which somehow you can call it a mini-bar in a pool. Though it did not function as such but maybe if you are going to rent the whole cave perhaps you can have a party there in the pool! That is the one you are seeing above. It is nice inside. While on the right side, it is a stair where you can go up and slide down on the left side (refer the picture above).

Agus Hotel Resort and SpaAgus Hotel Resort and Spa (Draft)

The Agus Hotel
The hotel is nice and clean good enough for family bonding, re-union and etcetera. The place is not hard to find, it is just nearby the main road of Lapu-lapu City, Cebu going to So-ong. They have a big parking lot nearby the hotel and a little one nearby the cottage. They have a hospitable security guards and crews inside the vicinity, courteous and nice. In Agus Hotel you feel like you are just in your place, going in and out at your will because it is a safe place.

In a hotel the first place I usually check is the Comfort Room in which I found it clean but the only thing I notice but a minus points for me is that they don’t have a rag where you can wipe your feet when you’re done bathing.

Note: I was somewhat disappointed because this is not the original thoughts I wrote. Because when I was about done and clicked the update the internet suddenly went off and so all those effort I made was gone into waste. Anyways just bare with this.


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I became an orphan at the age of 16. I got married at 21 and now I already have 2 kids at 25! Isn't that amazing?
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9 Responses to Agus Hotel Resort and Spa

  1. juvy lyka wagas says:

    do you have contact number of agus hotel? can we spend the night for our reunion? how much is there entrance fee and their cottage fee ?

    • frankrivers says:

      No entrance fee, the room that we had was around 4k and cottage is free. Very ideal place for reunion. Now for better discount pleave contact Paulette at 09159463794

  2. larra meliza says:

    how much is the entrance and cottage.?

  3. Do u have contact number?? please..

    • frankrivers says:

      Agus Hotel Resort and Spa: The Room that we had was around 4k, check in at 2pm then out at 12nn the following day. Cottage is for free and all the amenities, plus it is a wifi zone so no problem regarding internet. But for better discount Please contact 09159463794 and look for Paulette.

  4. can i get your contact number? as soon as you recieved this message thankyou! says:

    i already call the number posted but she said its wrong number

  5. housetargaryen says:

    ROTFLMAO. This is filled with so many grammatical errors that I don’t know whether I should laugh or facepalm. P.S. I’m a cebuano too and my English is not this bad. Please find a copy editor before you publish articles like this. I don’t mean to criticize but I have to. It’s for your own good.

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